Sunday, 10 February 2013

Crochet Weekend!

Hello to you. Well, what a weekend full of crochet I've had! Firstly, I have finished my crochet cushion - yippee!

 William wasn't at home on Friday night, so I had some time to focus on getting the cushion cover completed. I am so chuffed with the result! I'm really pleased with the peach edging I added as I was tempted to stick with the white I'd used around the individual granny squares. I used 7 vintage buttons to close the cover (although I think one new one snuck in there) and I think the mis-matched colours and shapes really suit it. I'm writing up the pattern and shall let you know when it's ready.

I told myself that I had to get the cushion finished before I could start on my next project... a giant crochet blanket! I've been a fan of Lucy over at Attic 24 for a long time, and always admired the blankets she creates. I have set myself a new year's resolution to actually make one this year, and so, last weekend I ordered 19 balls of Stylecraft Special DK wool - each one in a different colour!


Look at the pyramid of wool! That makes me happy :)

Here is the start of my blanket. Lucy has written out the pattern she used over on her blog (see it here) and with the window of opportunity now that my cushion is finished, I started on the blanket. 240 chains to start off with, that was one I definitely turned the TV off so I could concentrate - I wasn't going to re-do that!

Even though it messes up the colours I want to show to you, I couldn't resist a little Instagram snap!

And this rather lovely relaxed weekend was spent sipping this! Delish!

Carol xx


Michele said...

Oh it is beautiful, well done. I have tried and failed to learn crochet, I can sew, but at yarn crafts I fail spectacularly. I do know a place where they have workshops, it may be my only hope, if I am brave enough to give it a go...

Carol said...

Oh I think you should Michelle! I taught myself via youtube, so you could get some practice in before you went to the workshop :)